Tips to Save Money When Booking Your Eco Lodge in Costa Rica

Buena Vista Eco Lodge Costa RicaArticle by Buena Vista Lodge & Adventure Center.

Traveling can be fun and rewarding. However, it can also get expensive if you do not plan accordingly. In order to truly save as much money as possible on your trip, you will need to plan well in advance. Below, we will be talking about some of the top tips to save money on your trip when choosing and booking your Eco Lodge in Costa Rica.


5 tips to save money on your Costa Rica eco lodge:

1. Plan Ahead and Book Early

One of the main things that you should be doing when it comes to saving money on your trip is planning well in advance and booking early. You want to plan in advance and book early because hotels are typically going to be incentivizing you the most the further out your trip is. Therefore, the sooner you figure out when you can travel, the more money you will be able to save. This is due to being able to book in advance rather than waiting until closer to the date when you can take off.

By planning ahead of time, you should be able to not only save a good amount of money on the accommodations themselves, but you will also be able to save money on your transportation as well. Flights are generally much cheaper further out as well. They are doing the same thing to incentivize flyers to book early so they can fill up the plane well in advance.

2. Look at Reviews

One of the things that you should be doing when deciding in which Costa Rica eco lodge you want to stay is checking out reviews of the different hotel options. You don’t necessarily want to check out reviews to see what positive or negative things they have to say. Instead, you want to look at each individual review to see whether or not any of the customers had any specific tips that they would offer up.

Typically, you will find reviews filled to the brim with extremely useful information that you might be able to use during your stay. They might discuss some of the different places to eat surrounding the area or other pertinent information that you can use to make better decisions. Being able to look at the reviews to see what each guest had to say is a great way to find the specific information you will be able to use on your trip.

3. Getting Around

When it comes to getting around while you are in Costa Rica, you are going to want to figure out how you plan on traveling prior to taking off. You want to have a good idea of what you are going to be using on a daily basis while you are traveling because it will allow you to plan accordingly.

If you are someone that is confident in driving, you might look into renting a vehicle. If this is the case, it is another thing that you should be looking into doing early on in the planning stages. You want to get this all sorted out prior to arriving because you will have much more flexibility if you are planning ahead. Whereas, if you wait till you arrive, you will generally be in much more of a bind and more likely to accept a bad deal on your car rental.

4. Talk to the Employees

One of the best ways to get a general feel for the ecolodge and the area surrounding it is by talking to the employees. By calling in, you should be able to talk to someone familiar with the area. By doing this, you will be able to effectively plan your trip to get the most out of it.

You want to plan ahead of time because it is going to allow you to plan your trip much more efficiently. This will help save you time and make your trip much more seamless.

By talking to someone, you should be able to draft a good daily plan which can help you have a successful trip and save more money on it.

5. Find Lodging Discounts

You might be able to find all kinds of discounts on either your lodging or transportation by looking on the Internet. You can find various things ranging from coupons to sales events which can help lower the prices that you might be expected to pay.

Overall, there are a lot of things that you will want to do to save as much money as possible while you are traveling throughout Costa Rica.

By following some of the tips above, you should be able to have a much more successful eco-trip than you could have imagined. You will be armed with all kinds of knowledge that can help you make better decisions throughout your journey.

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